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PMYSC (Club)

Pocono Mountain Youth Soccer Club (PMYSC)

Pocono Mt Youth Soccer Club was established in 2022 with the sole purpose of keeping our local kids home while still providing the best club experience possible at an affordable cost!

PMYSC caters to ONLY residents of Pocono Mt School District.

We develop our own from the ground up and do not believe in shopping around the area for "the best kids available" as feel the best kids come from proper development, hard work, and commitment.

Every kid who plays for PMYSC and goes through our program will learn how to play the beautiful game the right way and will be taught the necessary skills/fundamentals to be able to play soccer at what ever level they choose for the rest of their lives. 

We are preparing our players for the long game and for future years to come! Winning today is great but dominating later and for years to come is what we are striving for.

We hold our kids accountable and push them to be the best they can be both on and off the field. Community and how we represent ours is one our main core beliefs. Chances are low that any of these kids will become professional soccer players but they will all become professional in some other aspect of life. 

Sports are meant to teach life lessons and allow the kids to learn about themselves and life in the process all while having fun with their friends!

Current Teams (23/24): 

U11 Boys Birth Years 2013

U10 Boys Birth Years 2014/15

U11 Girls Birth Years 2013-14


2024/25 Teams:

U12 Boys Birth Years 2013

U11 Boys Birth Years 2014

U10 Boys Birth Years 2015/16


U12 Girls Birth Years 2013/14

U10 Girls Birth Years 2015/16



Tryouts for the 2024/25 Season will take place at PEC Field in Tannersville between June 17th - 21st

Boys Teams Tryouts: Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-730pm

Girls Team Tryouts: Monday and Friday 6pm-730pm


Click Here To Register For Tryouts: