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Pocono Mountain Youth Soccer League (PMYSL)

PMYSL Summer Recreational Soccer



* The Pocono Mountain Youth Soccer League (PMYSL) is very excited to announce the INAUGURAL SEASON!

*PMYSL will run Sundays from June 20th - August 15th

* PMYSL was created to provide the residents of Pocono Mt. School District an opportunity to play/learn the beautiful game of soccer and have fun while doing it!

*Players must live within Pocono Mt. School District in order to participate in the PMYSL*

*Boys and Girls Ages 5-12

*Games will be played on Sundays between 1pm-5pm at Pocono Mt. East Soccer Fields (Swiftwater Campus)

*Cost $60 for minimum of 6 game schedule + team shirt

*Registration will be open until 6/7/2021


Some things you will need to know for the Summer Season:

  1. First game is June 20th, 2021. Games will be played on Sundays between 1-7pm at Pocono Mt. East Soccer Fields. June 20th-August 15th. There will be no game July 4th. August 8th and 15th are makeup weeks. Every week may be a different kickoff time. Kickoffs are either 1pm, 230pm, 4pm, or 530pm.  Please arrive 20-30 mins before kickoff.
  2. Official Rosters and Schedules. Rosters and schedules will be sent out after registration closes June 6th. We hope to have everything finalized and emailed to everyone by June 13th.
  3. How are Teams Created? We will use the information provided through the registrations to create the teams. We try our best to make sure that teams are equally skilled, in hopes of making this a fun experience for all!
  4. Divisions. We will have coed divisions for boys and girls, ages 5-12 years old. 5-8 years old will play in the 4v4 divisions with no goal keepers. 9-12 year olds will play in the 7v7 divisions with goal keepers. Smaller roster sizes ensure that everyone stays involved in the game and that everyone gets their touches on the soccer ball!
  5. Coach/Volunteers. Each team needs a coach(es) on the sideline. Soccer experience is preferred but not required. Each coach will be asked to complete a background check. If interested or willing please reach out! Each team will qualify for reimbursement of 1 player’s fee for the coach/volunteer who puts the most time in this summer. Reimbursement can be split between two coaches/volunteers. Coaches meeting will be June 18th, 715pm at East Stadium.
  6. Playing Time. The PMYSL is a recreational youth soccer league that has a substitution system in place, which promotes equal playing time for all. Every PMYSL team must follow. Players will be rotated after every period.
  7. Game Length. Games will consist of Four 12-minute periods (48 mins total) with 3 minute rest in between the periods. There will be no over-time.
  8. Game Shirt. Game shirts will be handed out at the first game on June 20th. For anyone who misses the first game, we will bring their game shirt to the 2nd week as well.
  9. Are there any Practices? No there are no practices included with the league. The league is focused on providing an opportunity for the kids to get out there and have some fun and see if playing soccer is something they enjoy! For those looking to get more “practice” in, we suggest looking into Cardinal Clinics, which are on Friday evenings from 5-630pm at the high school and run by the Pocono Mt East high school boys and girls soccer programs. 30 minutes of agility/warmup. 30 minutes of working on developing the fundamentals of soccer, 30 minutes of playing and having fun! $10 a player. Sign up and pay on site. The Pocono Mountain Youth Soccer Academy and Snyder Soccer School also provide additional small group or individual training options.  Both of those programs are run through Soccer in the Poconos and can be found on this website.
  10. Picture Day. Picture Day is July 11th. Team photos and individual photos will be taken at the fields. Picture Packages will be offered for families to purchase. More information on pictures will be distributed throughout the season.
  11. Team Standings and Schedules. All League information regarding divisions, standings, games schedules, etc can be found at
  12. Sideline Etiquette. We ask that all coaches, parents, and all other spectators please respect everyone else around them. We also ask that everyone stays in the designated spectating areas. No profanity or negative comments will be tolerated, especially towards referees and/or any of the players. Please be mindful of other fans while spectating. Please continue to practice social distancing when possible and wearing masks when around others and following CDC recommendations.  No tobacco, alcohol, or drug use is permitted on school property. Pets are also not allowed.
  13. Referees. The referees are all volunteer high school boys and girls soccer players. Please keep in mind that they are not professional referees and this is not a competitive league. These soccer players are donating their time to the soccer community and are trying to give back to the youth of Pocono Mountain. Spectators should only be cheering on the players and not communicating with the referees. Anyone that gives the referees a hard time will be asked to leave and not return for the remainder of the season.
  14. Unique League Rules.
    1. Substitution Rule. At the end of every period, the players will be rotated to ensure equal playing time.
    2. No offsides. There is no offsides in the PMYSL. Cherry Picking (aka standing by the goal and waiting for the ball) will also not be allowed.
    3. Build Out Lines. Each field will have a build out line. When there is a goal kick or the goalkeeper has the ball (7v7), the opposing team must be behind the build out line. This line allows the team with the ball an opportunity to “build out” of their defensive half. This rule helps promote player development.
    4. No player can be within the restricted area, that is in front of the goals. (4v4 divisions). This will lead to either a penalty shot or a goal kick, depending on which team goes in the restricted area.
    5. No punting or drop kicks in the 7v7 divisions.
    6. No player can play more than half of the game in the goal and must play at least one period on the field. (7v7 divisions)
    7. No player can score more than 6 goals a game. The PMYSL promotes teamwork.  *** All Other League Rules will be available online, as well as every team will be presented a copy of the rules. *******
  15. What do the Players Need? Soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer shorts, soccer socks, water, masks if required by the CDC on June 20th. We will adjust the rules as state/county rules continue to adjust.
  16. Masks/Covid 19 Protocol. If on June 20th, (and during any point of the season) the CDC and state/county rules require masks, we will require the wearing of masks, by all players, referees, coaches and spectators.  *If during the season your child or another immediate family member tests positive for the Coronavirus, please immediately contact the PMYSL to inform them of the positive test so we can inform anyone else who is considered to be a close contact. We ask that everyone continues to follow CDC recommendations this summer, as they relate to self-quarantining, wearing of masks, and social distancing.
  17. League Vision. PMYSL was created to provide the youth of Pocono Mountain an affordable and fun soccer opportunity AND to bring soccer back to the area! PMYSA was a staple in the community during the 90s and the PMYSL plans to do the same for the community moving forward! We are excited for the future of youth soccer here at Pocono Mountain and plan to continue to offer more programs in the future such as: winter league, travel all-star soccer teams, summer camps, and more!
  18. Communication.

Please look to download the SportsEngine App to receive PMYSL information moving forward.

- Once rosters are finalized you will be given YOUR SportEngine team information to signup on the app and connect with your team.

- After rosters and schedules are released: All PMYSL in-season information, such as updates, game cancellations etc., will be sent through SportsEngine.

- Internal Team communication will also happen through the SportsEngine App.

* You can also contact the league with any questions at


PMYSL Recreational Soccer League

Pocono Mountain Youth Soccer League (PMYSL) is a localized boys and girls recreational soccer league that was created for the youth of the Pocono Mountain School District. There are sub divisions for both girls and boys ages 5-12. All games are played within PMSD and require no traveling. Games will be played on  Sundays. No Practice. Leagues will be in the Summer and Winter Seasons.

PMYSA was a staple in the community during the 90s and the PMYSL plans to do the same for the community moving forward! All games are refereed by the high school girls and boys soccer players.

PMYSL was created to provide the youth of Pocono Mountain an affordable and fun soccer opportunity AND to bring soccer back to the area!

PMYSL All Star Teams Coming in Fall 2022!

The Pocono Mountain Youth Soccer League All Star Teams is a collection of the best players from the PMYSL Rec League, formed into all star travel teams. Each age group, 10U-12U, will have an all star team to represent the league and their age group in competitive leagues and tournaments. Invites to tryouts will be sent out every August after the Rec Summer Season has ended. PMYSL All Stars was created to be the ideal Introduction to Competitive Soccer for players and families interested in taking the next step with their soccer careers! 

Tournaments and League Play will take place in the Fall and Spring. The team will train up to twice a week September-June in preparation for these competitions. During the training sessions the players will be taught the proper techniques and fundamentals of soccer, improve their speed and agility, as well as grow their mental understanding of the game. They will not only develop as individuals but as a team, in the hopes of representing the league and their age group proudly. The All Star teams will use the Snyder Soccer School facilities located in Scotrun, PA for their training sessions and development.

IF INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED  please reach out to Dan Snyder at